Six benefits of napping fizkes

There is a misconception that a person who naps is lazy or possibly even sick. Biologically, though, our bodies need a midday rest. It is not unusual to start feeing sluggish in the afternoon when your body experiences a natural decline in energy and alertness. Napping is a healthy way to overcome that middle-of-the-day slump so you should never feel guilty to catch an afternoon snooze. Here are six benefits you can gain by napping:

1. Napping gives you an energy lift

Just as batteries need to recharge, so does your body. A brief sleep of ten to thirty minutes can refresh and restore your mind and body with vigor.

2. Napping makes you more alert

By defeating the afternoon slump, your brain is sharp, more perceptive, and able to accomplish more complex cognitive operations. Whether solving math equations or driving a car, a nap can give your brain the boost it needs to keep functioning speedily.

3. Napping helps your memory

During non-REM sleep, the stage of slumber when you first fall asleep and before you reach REM, you enter into slow-wave sleep, which is the part that helps us recall information, details and procedures. It also makes room for new information and memories to be created. In addition, this stage of sleep supports creative thinking and improves your emotional health.

4. Napping reduces stress

When you’re in the non-REM stage of sleep, your breathing and heart rate slow, and your blood pressure drops. Blood flow to the brain lessens and there is reduced brain activity. All of this enables your body to regenerate and helps you react to and recover from stress more efficiently.

5. Napping can improve your performance on the job or at school

With increased cognitive functionality, adept learning abilities, and improved memory, you can perform your job more productively. If you are in academic settings, the advantages you receive from napping can speed and strengthen your learning skills.

6. Napping can put you in a better mood

It has been shown that naps help regulate your emotions, handle daunting situations better, and curtail your propensity to act impetuously.

Brief afternoon naps can reap huge benefits. Increased energy, alertness, memory and performance, along with stress reduction and mood improvement are a few of the ways napping can help you. Ten to thirty minutes of sleep in the afternoon is all you need. Now go catch some Z’s.

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