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Everyone experiences hardship at some point in their lives. It could be the loss of a job opportunity, breaking up with a significant other, or even a loved one losing their life. These moments can cause a temporary or long-lasting depression that can be hard to get out of. For those people who do not have anyone to talk with, either personally or professionally, coming out of a depression has to come from within. That being said, self-motivating words can help get back on the right track. Here are three self-motivating phrases when times get rough.

1. “This too shall pass”

Oftentimes, people don’t realize that every feeling is temporary. People typically grieve happy times being fleeting but wallow in difficult or sad emotions longer than they should. Even if a tragedy occurs, it is beneficial to understand that the negative emotions will go away. Even if it doesn’t pass immediately, the belief that the momentary trials will be better one day will help the person grieving feel better and progress.

2. “I will come out stronger on the other side”

Sure, there are instances where wisdom can be attained naturally, but oftentimes, it comes as a result of overcoming tribulation. Usually, every experience is either a blessing or a life lesson necessary to get to the next level. In trying times, remember that this is necessary to rise from the ashes and regain the strength to get through another day.

Exercise is a prime example of going through pain for gain. Working out tears muscles in order to rebuild them, which results in what is called “gains”. When bodybuilders are in the gym, they do not say to themselves “Man, I want to get ripped, but I don’t want to deal with soreness.” They understand that they have to temporarily sacrifice comfort for physical and mental strength.

3. “Keep moving forward”

When people are having a hard time, fear and anxiety cause an emotional paralysis. What they don’t realize is that the longer they linger in their depressive state, the harder it will be to move past their issues. For instance, if there is a thunderstorm and rain is pouring down, the people who are running for shelter are going to be drier than the person waiting in the rain waiting for the storm to stop.

The key to moving forward is taking the first step. Everything accomplishment starts with someone taking action toward their goal. In fact, time continues to move forward, and those steps taken forward will eventually put those hardships in the past to make room for future triumphs.

As the saying goes, “Train the mind and the body will follow.” Depression can be controlled depending on the mind state of the person suffering. Maintaining a positive attitude and taking steps towards regaining peace will create a more fulfilling outcome than staying in a negative headspace. If trying to stay positive is overwhelming, seek counsel with someone who cares.

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