Reasons Why You Are Forgetful

We all have excuses for why we are forgetful. The reasons for it are massive. It might be because of some medical conditions or family history. No one is to be blamed for why you are forgetful. Some diseases cause damages to the brain leading to forgetfulness while differing on how they occur. It is not a matter to worry about, as they are treatable once identified at early stages.

You get to know you are forgetful when you cannot keep track of simple details, mixing up words, repeatedly asking the same question, taking a while to complete simple tasks, and misplacing items. Forgetfulness can be for a short term or a lifetime thing, depending on some conditions. Here are some of the reasons that make you forgetful:

1. You are under chemo

Forgetfulness in patients undergoing chemotherapy is ordinary, and the term for it is Chemobrain. The medicines taken during this period can be a threat to the brain in which it reacts to it. Other side effects of chemotherapy are insomnia, fatigue, anemia, and the anxiety about it can reduce one’s concentration rate. The other cause of forgetfulness when having chemotherapy is poor nutrition, as patients tend to lose their appetite. Other culprit medicines may affect your mental abilities like anti-anxiety, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers, and antidepressants.

2. You are pregnant

Pregnant women have reported cases of being forgetful during their pregnancy period, especially the third trimester. When pregnant, the body undergoes many changes that affect mental efficiency, including fluid shifts that lead to headaches and increased cortisol, which leads to forgetfulness, sleep deviation, and even dramatic hormone shifts.

3. You are under anxiety or too much stress

Stressing out is the worst poison to your brain. It increases the production of cortisol that destroys the central system of the brain. Being under too much pressure that you cannot process important information is harmful to your brain. A stressful lifestyle may lead to complete damage to your memory, causing a medical condition known as Alzheimer’s disease.

4. Dieting

People who want to lose weight or maintain their weight tend to put their bodies in a starvation state. Forgetting the body needs food to function properly. This applies to all parts, including the brain. Your thinking and memory suffer as the brain lacks enough blood sugar. Taking meals with low carbs makes you weak, lightheaded, and feeling tired. When working on your body weight, check on the consumption of carb meals. It is of no use having a great body with a memory loss.

5. Emotional disorder

Certain conditions like depression can lead to forgetfulness and lack of concentration. Also, Persistent intake of alcohol can turn out chronic, thus affecting your mental abilities and judgments.

Remember, when under conditions like depression that seems to affect your mental abilities, it is best to get medication and talk to a therapist. Forgetfulness is not the end of you as it is treatable once identified. No matter its cause, it would be best to seek advice from your doctor on managing and treating it.

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