Heatwave? Take a hot shower!

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During a heatwave, it is not only hot outside, but our houses also often become sticky saunas. You can try to postpone the warming up of your house by keeping all windows and doors closed. 

But no matter what you do, sooner or later, the temperature in your house will rise during a heatwave. That means sticky, sleepless nights. The cure? Believe it or not: Take a hot shower.

When it has become very in your house, many people find it difficult to sleep well. Because the ambient temperature in your bedroom is high, it is difficult for your body to lose excess body heat in order to sleep well. It then seems logical to take a cold shower, so your body cools down. But oddly enough, it actually works the other way around.

It seems quite contradictory to take a hot shower during a heatwave. But that is exactly the right way to get rid of excess body heat. During a hot shower, your body will respond to the heat by opening up blood vessels. As soon as you get out of the hot shower, all your blood vessels are wide open, and that makes it easier for your body to lose heat.

With a cold shower, the opposite happens. On the contrary, your blood vessels become narrower, so it is harder for you to lose heat. Because it feels cold, your body wants to retain as much heat as possible. A cold shower is therefore actually a bad idea if you want to sleep throughout a tropical night.

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