Discover the best ab workouts to getting that dreamy six-pack serezniy

Six pack abs are oftentimes thought of as the epitome of what a dream body would have. The abs are some of the toughest to achieve because it showcases hard work, a diet properly followed, and that perfect cherry on top of the rest of your body. It is vital to follow a proper diet catered to your body. The following exercises are powerful ways to sculpt and develop your midsection to achieve those popping abs. Implement these into your workouts on a daily basis to get your best body possible.

Toe touchers

Simply lay down flat on your back and set your feet up high together. Take your two hands and try to touch your toes. Each time will be one rep. Try to do a full minute of trying to touch your toes over and over while focusing primarily on your core. Place the pressure and energy into your core to ensure your abs are getting the workout.

To add to the toe toucher, after you do your reps, simply place your hands to your side and your head back to the ground as you lower down your legs. Lift and lower your legs over and over again to hit up your lower abs and flatten the stomach. Combined with the toe toucher, this is the perfect way to intensify any ab workout.


Sit down upright with your body upwards and your legs extended forward. Simply pull your legs forward and bring your knees inward to your chest. Each time is a single rep, and aim for 20 reps and three sets. You can also do as many as you can in a minute. Focus on intensifying the focus to your abs so that the pressure gives the midsection what it needs.


Planks sometimes get a bad rep because it’s an exercise that can be done incorrectly so easily that it affects the body the wrong way. A plank allows you to engage your core in such a powerful manner and gives the entire body a boost in energy. Get on all fours, and when you’re ready, get on your toes and place your forearms onto the floor. Make sure the back is straight and your abs are engaged. Do not let the back fall downwards or let your butt stick out. The goal is to keep your entire body in a straight line from your head to your feet.

That dream six-pack is not impossible to achieve if you work on it. The ab exercises above will get you started on the right track to targeting those abs effectively. If you have a workout regimen in place already, adding these to the end of any workout will give your abs the extra push they need to shed that fat on your stomach. Be sure to have a solid diet full of protein and staying lean so that your abs can slowly start to show.

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